Here is a quick checklist of things you would need to think through

Absolute Must Do:

This is what you need to get the fish through for the first 20 days of your tank keeping endeavor.

  1. Choosing the right combination of fish and other inhabitants, including plants
  2. Getting the right tank layout (not critical from a time perspective, but it’s difficult to rearrange the tank once its set up)
  3. Getting the right mechanical and biological filter for your tank, including oxygenation
  4. Getting the temperature right
  5. Cycling the New tank
  6. Getting the right food for the fish.

But, don’t get me wrong, if your fish survive the first 20 days, the ‘Need to Do’ is what you must start thinking about right away…

Need to Do:

  1. Getting the right tank size (Since its difficult to sort out later, it really should be up in the Absolute Must Do box)
  2. Monitor fish size relative to tank
  3. Getting the right lighting
  4. Regular tank maintenance including cleaning and water changes

Good to Do:

  1. Getting the pH right
  2. Getting the water hardness right
  3. Getting the right chemical filter